Visio Stencils

11 08 2006

Links to Visio Stencils I’ve found on the web…all free, but buried down in their corporate websites. These are direct links:

(EDIT: Thanks to Lutz, we now have a link to the Watchguard Stencils!)

1. Cisco Devices

2. Dell Devices

3. HP/ Compaq

4. IBM

5. Avocent

6. WatchGuard – Many thanks to Lutz for the find! Thanks!!!

7. Siemon

8. SecPoint Protector UTM Stencils

That’s it for now, but a great start!




12 responses

21 08 2006

Your link for 6. WatchGuard leads to qwrong site. It goes to Avocent not WatchGuard Visio’s.

26 09 2006

Watchguard link is still bad, will this be fixed?

21 12 2006
marco guenuan

Watchguard link is still bad, WatchGuard leads to avocent site.

8 01 2007

Here is the Watchguard Visio Link.


8 01 2007

Thanks Lutz! I’ve been looking for months, but just asked for help yesterday! Thanks for the assist…


9 01 2007
marco guenuan


12 10 2007
James Watson

Any idea where the Avocent Visio stencils disappeared to? The link above goes to a kb article with no stencils 😦

TIA if anyone knows.

18 10 2007

Just thought I’d send you in the right direction for “Hard-2-Find” Visio Stencils. A pretty extensive library, A-Z list of most if not all or more that netzoom has, except “Cheaper”. Site is in Russian, but list is in plain ol’ english. I think you may find your Avocent stencil here…

An Injun wuz here…

11 05 2009
Gary Diggs

Does anyone have good Visio Sencils for Finisar trace tools (C021)?


16 05 2010

Very nice vidps3atxvipx

28 08 2013
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