Jeep vs. Hummer Video

7 07 2006

I can’t imagine taking any Hummer less than a HMMWV (Humvee) on terrain like this. Maybe one day my YJ will be out there!




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8 07 2006

You have a nice start to your YJ. A few select mods and you’ll be suprised what you can do with it! Your stock YJ would be able to do all those trails in the HUMMER clip too.

9 07 2006

Thanks, RJ.
What type of mods do you suggest?
In the works are a TFI Upgrade and hopefully replacing the Carter carb. with a Weber or a Motorcraft 2100. Once complete, next on the list is an exhaust replacement. Any experience with either of these swaps?
I also want to install lockers and get a set of 33″ tires.

10 07 2006

Looks like a dirt track that the jeep was travelling on when it passed the hummer, there must be a reason why the military has chosen the hummer over the jeep.

11 07 2006

Oh, don’t get me wrong, the HMMWV is a tough machine and I busted many a bunker while wheeling ’em at Twentynine Palms, CA. I spent 4 years in the Corps and never got stuck in a HumVee. The civilian versions are so much heavier because they’ve been modified to be comfurtable, almost luxurious.
Personally, I would never wheel a vehicle that cost that much money. I think the point of the video was to show that a $4000 jeep can perform as well off road as a $50,000 HUMMER in most cases.

26 08 2006
big rigger

that clip is preaty neet, cause the same thing happened to my H1. i got it stuck many of times actualy. after seeing this i might start looking into a yj or cherokee.i even have all the factory upgrades on it and it still sucks ,it wont even go through most of the trails my friends go through…to wide.

1 10 2006

now we see jeep is a real offroad,
if we compare hummer vs jeep stock ok hummer can win, but a jeep (30000$ + very good lift kit max 10 000$ = 40000$) can do better than hummer (150k)
hummer suck!

26 10 2006
jeeper creeper

yeah the reason army cjose humvees over jeeps in the 80’s is because humvee is bigger and can be loaded with machine guns, anti-tank cannons and maybe transport more men. But you dont need all that when rock crawling. Leave your cannons at home HAHAHAHAHA!

26 10 2006

Yeah, like I said, I rocked HUMVEEs in the Marines and they are tough! Unfortunately, the civvie model is so big and heavy, it has a hard time keeping up on trails. I’m sure there are suspension mods available, but who wants to drop $50K + on a Hummer and then have to UPGRADE it!?

19 01 2007

That hummer would have scaled that hill no problem. As easy or easier then those jeeps did. Off-roading does take some skill, no matter what you drive. That guy was an idiot, all the gear, no Idea. The diffs in the hummer, older ones now anyway used to need resistance to have power delivered to them. If one wheel slipped, no wheels get power. You had to rock crawl with your foot lightly on the brake. There are a hundred more tips on hummer driving. The owner should read his manual before making his truck and himself look dumb.

30 03 2007

Obvioulsly, hummers are for fat old white guys with more cash than sense. The cell phone to the ear oblivious asshole crowd.

9 04 2007

No H2-H3 can take out a real jeep most modern jeeps suck compared to there ancestores like the cj’s no modern stock jeep can take on a stock cj2a – stock cj5 or stock xj. They might be able to match a cj7 and cj4 offroad compatibilities.

The last of the good jeeps ended with the xj
most jeeps of today drive like a car and have less offroad ability the worst is the liberty its what I call jeeps car.

Also the guy in the hummer just didnt know how to wheel anyway the hummer could have made it up that hill easily, hell my car could climb that.

26 06 2010

You sound like an xj owner you really dont think stock for stock a tj is more capable than a xj? If it says jeep its a jeep dumbass.

11 08 2007

Hey XJr, I do agree that XJ’s are pretty much the last of the real jeeps… but I have wheeled my ZJ against an XJ and we were both pretty even. An at least I have coil springs in the rear!

27 09 2007

what is the deal who copied who jeep and hummer have always been there and back b/c i know jeep can b/c i have one but now hummer idk people like us can’t a ford a hummer but now why they choose hummer over jeep i don’t under stand Jeep is one of the greatest things in life to have and if it was me i would always have a jeep any day of the week compared to a hummer

18 10 2007

Does any one care? omg! nobody? i guess i’m the only one who like gets on this websit. i care it’s what i do i love jeeps!

25 10 2007
Ben Roy

The Hummer is a desert machine, designed for sand and Irak-like invasion. Jeep is more designed to climb and conquer rough terrain where maniability and overall performance is needed

25 10 2007
Ben Roy

Also remember that his generous ground clearance is to compensate the IFS lacks and offer good desert crossing at high speed. Jeep is a crawler everywhere, compare to a palace climber

31 10 2007

Ya dud you right lol jeep has always done its job

9 12 2007

WHOOPIE, look at you people . you show a hummer offroading while a sorry ass MALL RATED jeep goes up a service road!!!!!!!WOW THATS HOT!!!! just another example of that jeep mentality!!! ITS NOT OUR FAULT THAT YOU HAVE A CREDIT SCORE UNDER 400!!! WHAAA,WHAAA,WHAAAA,BOOOO-HOO!!!!OH YEAH , YOUR RIGHT, I DONT GET YOUR JEEP THING!

14 12 2007

you crazy you don’t understand cause you don’t know what it’s like to have a jeep i’ve had one ever sence i was born and i’m about to turn 17
so don’t say a jeep is sorry they rock better than what ever you got they get you there and back better than any other car without getten stuck and if you get stuck you don’t know how to drive a jeep or any other car for that matter!

19 01 2008

You idiots who say that the jeeps in this clip went up a service road did not watch the whole video. ROLN ROK… you are ignorant… rockwatching… you don’t seem like an ass like ROLN ROK but you obviously did not watch the whole clip. At the end, you see the two jeeps that were on the “service road” EASILY cruise up the same exact section that the two hummers failed to navigate.
ROLN ROK says “you show a hummer offroading while a sorry ass MALL RATED jeep goes up a service road!!!!!!!” JDOG says watch the clip all the way through and watch the two jeeps go up the “Same exact section” before you post you idiot. You couldn’t even wait to get the whole story could you? Ahhh, that’s all right ROLN Rok. You probably have the credit score but got raped buying your hummer and paid full price instead of negotiating. In fact, you probably let the dealer tell you what your credit score was. MWAAAHHHAAA.
ROLN ROCK doesn’t understand the jeep thing and that doesn’t surprise me! He didn’t even watch the whole clip to see the jeeps come down off the service road in the background and come up the section the hummers failed at. So, ROLN Rock… go smoke your cigar, talk on your cell phone and drive with one knee at the same time while balancing your starbucks mocha on your fat gut. Cheers you idiot.

19 01 2008

Oh, and one more thing. You know why the hummer was on the stretch that it was in this clip? Because he tried to make it up the “service road” but could not make it.

6 02 2008

Was that an H2 safari with it’s tough hummer lift kits ?

19 04 2008

i want have the h3 fixture for me to study and i can be able to send it to my client.

19 04 2008

i want study h3 fixture before i send it to my client.

29 08 2008

Interested bin importing Hummer H2 or H3 2005 up vehicle please quote CIF Srilanka Colombo


28 10 2008

send some hummer jeep pictures to my email

9 04 2009

nice job jdog saying jeep owners have credit scores under 400 i gess we cant get huge credit card dept like you.

12 05 2009

ROTFL……..Oh how that Jeep just cruise on by that white hummer stuck in those rocks is PRICELESS! ROTFL oh I cannot stop crying from laughing so hard! It just look like it was saying…humm humm na na na na na and stuck it’s tongue out! hahahahaha!

Hummers are overpriced, big bulky, heavy piece of crap! If it cannot do what Will Smith did with that yellow one in “Bad Boys 2” then forget it! And we all know that it can’t without getting hurt in the process..haha! Should have bought a Jeep and save money for more important things. The Jeep is eaxctly what it is S.U.V. and then some. And it looks great all dirty and dripping with mud! You can’t rock like we rock, b/c ur to delicate! Always…Jeep

24 05 2009
James Vorcos

Who has a jeep here? Who has a hummer(H1 or HMMWV)? The flaming isn’t really helping. Set price aside for a moment; its still important but hold off for a moment. for the record I have an H1. I have several thousand TJ jeep miles under my belt too. Ive driven them both across the country with one other person and Ive been to the same offroad parks with both(my best friend owns the Jeep). They are extremely different. they both go off-road that’s really about it. the Jeep operates best with one person in the car. Its nimble its quick its perky and it has a truly amazing turning radius but you can feel the difference when another person is in the car and when you add two more people or baggage like we do for our road trips it handles poorly. the hummer on the other hand barely feels different when its loaded with baggage and four people but it wasn’t quite as nimble to begin with. the jeep is a very light vehicle its not even rated to tow another jeep on pavement (2,000-3,500 pound rating). the hummer in its heavy variant as a soft top(different frame rails brakes springs etc…) its rated to off-road while carrying the weight of a jeep. One person in the car short range no load and the jeep is hard to beat make it an expedition with people and pulling and gear and you couldn’t build a jeep as capable just as you couldn’t build the mile wide hummer into the freakishly nimble go anywhere jeep. When you bring money into it you will probably be forced to buy the jeep. its cheap to begin with and its insanely easy to maintain. Its not a bad thing to have to buy. Just remember hummer tubs are aircraft grade aluminum and most of us buy 1/4 inch think skid plates(that cover most of the bottom). apples and oranges.

24 05 2009
James Vorcos

Post script. Relating to the video, and the comment above it. There seems to be quite some mis-conception about the HMMWV in relation to the Hummer. the HMMWV is an extremely basic unit. its pretty much our equivalent of a stripped down wrangler X. they weigh less but they often lack turbo chargers or when comparing it to the alpha(our rubicon) they use a much older engine design and a far less sturdy transmission then if you bring in the civvy held HMMWV’s things really go south they have super light frames (7,000 pound gvwr ) vs the normal (10,500) and heavy (12,100). in addition they usually lack our ability to change tire pressure from the cabin, locking diffs, the second fuel tank, and the stereo(haha). they have advantages relating to water crossings(fewer and fully sealed electronics) but there is no water in the video. oh and that guy in the video was so green not even a kidergardener would have picked such a bright shade.

23 06 2010
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Got your point.It’s different depending on the load within the vehicle.Also,i think the driver has something to do with the manipulation of driving.To be fair,there are factors to consider before judging things.

30 05 2013
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