Imunity releases Silica, handheld "Pen" tester

16 08 2006

Wow, a portable penetration tester the size of a PDA. It does not have a price listed on their site yet, but the capabilities are nice.

From their site:

Immunity SILICA is a hand-held penetration testing product that leverages Immunity CANVAS to provide a unique testing tool for networks. Currently it supports 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth wireless connections or optionally Ethernet via USB. Its slim, PDA-like profile allows the penetration tester to perform testing while appearing to perform an innocuous behavior.

Example Use Cases:

  • Tell SILICA to scan every machine on every wireless network for file shares and download anything of interest to the SILICA device. Then just put it in your suit pocket and walk through your target’s office space.
  • Tell SILICA to actively penetrate any machines it can target (with any of Immunity CANVAS’s exploits) and have all successfully penetrated machines connect via HTTP/DNS to an external listening post running Immunity CANVAS Professional.
  • Mail SILICA to your target’s CEO, then let it turn on and hack anything it can as it’s sitting on their desk.
  • Have SILICA conduct MITM attacks against people on a wireless network.
  • They also just recently released a new verion of CANVAS Professional – “an automated exploitation system, and a comprehensive, reliable exploit development framework to penetration testers and security professionals worldwide.” They’re up to 6.12 at the time of this post.

    CANVAS Professional.


    Visio Stencils

    11 08 2006

    Links to Visio Stencils I’ve found on the web…all free, but buried down in their corporate websites. These are direct links:

    (EDIT: Thanks to Lutz, we now have a link to the Watchguard Stencils!)

    1. Cisco Devices

    2. Dell Devices

    3. HP/ Compaq

    4. IBM

    5. Avocent

    6. WatchGuard – Many thanks to Lutz for the find! Thanks!!!

    7. Siemon

    8. SecPoint Protector UTM Stencils

    That’s it for now, but a great start!

    Full list of links and keys to MS Office 2007 Beta Apps

    11 07 2006

    Full list of D/L links and serials for Microsoft Office 2007 Beta apps here! (- Thanks Max Thrane!)

    I have most, but for someone who need ’em, get em before they’re gone!

    Verified working links 7/11/06…

    So I got my URGE email yesterday with the download link!

    19 05 2006


    I got my email link to download and install the new version of Media Player with URGE integrated! (Media Player Version 11.0.5358.4827)

    I signed up and have begun testing and really like the new interface. The album view for the library is nice as it displays all of the album art for your folders and the search feature is really fast!

    Some things I like most:

    1.There's a search bar located at the upper right hand corner and you can search for any artist, song title, album and it narrows the search as you type until you reach your destination (Vista-style indexing)

    2. MP3 player (device) setup was easy and my MuVo N200 was correctly recognized right away and the sync list popped up on the right column. The options are to "Drag items here to sync, or Click Here to shuffle music to my device". Shuffle just grabs misc. titles and really creates a decent mix with no effort, with just enough files to fill your player.

    3.When signing up for the 14 day trial, there's actually an option to skip billing info so you can enjoy 2 free weeks without automatically being billed at the end of the trial period. After signup, the 'buy for .99' tab turns to 'download' and then to 'added to library' after it's downloaded. Very slick. The properties tab on the tune also displays the terms of the download- (ex. this song cannot be burned to CD, this song can be synced to device 2 more time, this song can be played until 6-6-2006.) DRM works… oh yay!

    4. There are some really cool radio stations and they are, in fact, CD quality. Some of the ones I listened to were 'Rebel Girls', 'ANTI', 'Hair Band' and 'MTV2 Headbanger's Ball'. None of the stations buffered, even for a second. Very nice.

    If I DO end up paying for a service, I think this will be the one. Very good job Microsoft! Nice…we've been waiting for an iTunes competitor.

    Thank You Chris Lanier

    10 05 2006

    I work at a company that has 30+ retail stores and we use Windows Streaming Media Services to deliver music to each location. The stream is an mms: file and the machines at the remote sites are configured through Group Policy to start Media Player and connect to the stream at startup. I recently had a problem with one PC not connecting and did a quick search that led me here. These easy instructions saved me some time in troubleshooting the issue and got me home to my family earlier!

    Thanks Chris!

    Google SketchUp – 3D Modeling Application for FREE!

    4 05 2006


    What does Google NOT do?

    "Google SketchUp (free) is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program whose few simple tools enable you to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. You can add details, textures and glass to your models, design with dimensional accuracy, and place your finished models in Google Earth, share them with others by posting them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies. Google SketchUp (free) is a great way to discover if 3D modeling is right for you.

    Google SketchUp is free for personal use."

    Microsoft “Carmine” to be next step in MS Server Virtualization Path

    18 04 2006

    Roudybob mentions an InformationWeek article on MS "Carmine".  Interesting read as I am just now experimenting with Virtual Server R2 (free now).

    I was on the fence on whether to go VMWare GSX Server or MS, but if MS can get this together, I'll stay with VS R2.