Raided – Servers Seized

31 05 2006


I can't believe it lasted this long! I have been a long-time fan of PirateBay and SuprNova before that. I guess there are only a few left now. It will be interesting to see what happens to others like (oh-oh, it's down as we speak!) and Bitenova.

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UPDATE:  Rickard Falkvinge (Leader of the PiratPartiet) on what really happened.


Making a miniFM Transmitter

25 05 2006

I found a great tutorial on building an FM Transmitter so you can transmit audio from your MP3 player, walkman, or laptop to your stereo. I'm going to attempt a 12V version to install in my Jeep so I can plug in my MP3 player. (My CD player skips over bumps). I could probably pick up an FM modulator for ~$20 at WalMart, but building it would be way more fun!

Office 2007 Beta 2 Download Now Available

23 05 2006

 Get the latest Office Beta here. Also check out over 80 screenshots at

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eWeek\’s review of the new MS Office 2007 Beta 2

23 05 2006

eWEEK Labs\’ evaluation of Microsoft\’s Office 2007 Beta 2 unearthed compelling features and tools, and reminded us why enterprises continue to rely on the productivity suite.

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46 Screenshots of Windows Vista Beta 2

23 05 2006

Vista Logo.jpg 

Microsoft is unveiling Beta 2 of Vista. One of the significant differences in Beta 2 is that the implementation of UAC (user account control) privilege elevation is much more intrusive. Also, the elevation dialog doesn\'t just pop up; it switches Vista into what Microsoft calls \"secure desktop\" mode. Here\'s 46 images of Beta 2.

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So I got my URGE email yesterday with the download link!

19 05 2006


I got my email link to download and install the new version of Media Player with URGE integrated! (Media Player Version 11.0.5358.4827)

I signed up and have begun testing and really like the new interface. The album view for the library is nice as it displays all of the album art for your folders and the search feature is really fast!

Some things I like most:

1.There's a search bar located at the upper right hand corner and you can search for any artist, song title, album and it narrows the search as you type until you reach your destination (Vista-style indexing)

2. MP3 player (device) setup was easy and my MuVo N200 was correctly recognized right away and the sync list popped up on the right column. The options are to "Drag items here to sync, or Click Here to shuffle music to my device". Shuffle just grabs misc. titles and really creates a decent mix with no effort, with just enough files to fill your player.

3.When signing up for the 14 day trial, there's actually an option to skip billing info so you can enjoy 2 free weeks without automatically being billed at the end of the trial period. After signup, the 'buy for .99' tab turns to 'download' and then to 'added to library' after it's downloaded. Very slick. The properties tab on the tune also displays the terms of the download- (ex. this song cannot be burned to CD, this song can be synced to device 2 more time, this song can be played until 6-6-2006.) DRM works… oh yay!

4. There are some really cool radio stations and they are, in fact, CD quality. Some of the ones I listened to were 'Rebel Girls', 'ANTI', 'Hair Band' and 'MTV2 Headbanger's Ball'. None of the stations buffered, even for a second. Very nice.

If I DO end up paying for a service, I think this will be the one. Very good job Microsoft! Nice…we've been waiting for an iTunes competitor.

*New Artist* – Clint Crowe – releases “Vine St.” CD

18 05 2006


Clint Crowe put out his first 10 song CD last week. He's a self-taught musician that plays guitar, djembe, writes, and sings all of his own songs.

From his website:

"I am a acoustic singer/songwriter, and music is what keeps me moving everyday. I am greatly influenced by artists such as James Taylor, Chris Isaak, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, and Colin Hay just to name a few. I believe music is a very personal venue that the world needs sometimes. To sit and remind us of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. I write in order to get that release. If you can relate, then feel free to do so."

Please have a listen. He has 4 songs available for a free listen and an option to buy the CD online!

P.S. He's my little brother! (By the way, he could use a new site and webspace so he can get away from MySpace! Maybe he could work out a trade?)