First “REAL” iPod video photos!

23 02 2006


MacShrine appears to have the first shot of the “real” iPod video. It follows the description provided by several rumor sites and also appears to be from the same factory where the iPod pictures last November were taken. Come on 28th!

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Microsoft Reveals Vista Product Editions

23 02 2006

Vista Logo.jpg

Ultra-Tech has two great articles on the next offerings from MS for Vista. Slated for a 4th Quarter 2006 release, Vista will be available in multiple configurations:
Vists Product Editions Breakdown:  Microsoft Reveals Vista Product Editions

Another great article from that site: Ten reasons to buy Windows Vista 

Pontiac says “Google it!”

23 02 2006

I saw a commercial for the Pontiac G6 this morning and I was surprised to see Google referred to it! Strange to see that “Google It!” has made it’s way into car advertisements.

Pontiac Logo.jpg

The quote was “”Don’t take our word for it. Google ‘Pontiac.'””

*“We’re touting Google, frankly, because it stands for credibility and consumer empowerment, and we like the association,” GM sales and marketing head Mark LaNeve has been quoted as saying. has a link to the commercial and some commentary on what exactly a Google search for ‘Pontiac’ yields.

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Reggie Wayne to stay in Indy! GO COLTS!

22 02 2006

Go Colts!

Great news, we still have Peyton, Harrison, and Wayne! Maybe next year guys! GO COLTS!!!

Reggie signed a $39M/ 6 year deal to stay here in Indy!

Another announcement here.

F-14 Flies Last Combat Mission

22 02 2006

Aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) – A chapter in naval aviation history drew to a close Feb. 8 with the last recovery of an F-14 Tomcat from a combat mission.

My wife and I met in Aircraft Maintenance school in 1994. She was in the Navy and I in the Marines. Since we’ve been together, our “A” School (NAS Millington) and my “C” School (NAS Cecil Field) have been decomissioned. We were both stationed at NAS Miramar (now MCAS Miramar) and she was an F-14 powerplants mechanic there. I was a powerplants mech on F/A-18s. Seems that we’re leaving a path of destruction (or decommisions) in our wake… 😦

Sad to see it go…

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Willie’s Willys – a 700HP Biodiesel Pickup!

22 02 2006


From Treehugger:

Willie’s Willys,” is a biodiesel fueled collectors’ car modeled after the 1941 Willys pickup truck. The pickup was unveiled in a surprise honor to Willie Nelson at the 2006 National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego. Running a 700-horsepower engine, the truck also boasts a body made of a soy-based resin.”

Only $97K… I have a birthday coming up you know! 🙂

Max Headroom – has it been 20 years already?

22 02 2006

I ran across this site the other day and it reminded me of my early years! Do you remember the Coke ads or his TV show?!

Trivia: He (Matt Frewer) was in Monty Python’s: The Meaning of life (Cornered Executive who Jumps) and is still active in TV and film doing voices for several Disney movies and appearing in movies both on the big and small screens.
from the site:

“W-W-Welcome to the Max Headroom chronicles, a web site intended to be the most complete word on the history, milieu and supporting crew of the ’80s icon, cyberpunk legend and advertising avatar.”