Deal of the Week @ Goodwill

16 03 2006

Today I found a real prize at my local Goodwill. A working Atari 2600 with a load of extras!

First was the TELE-GAMES CENTER box that everything is stored in which has the same cool woodgrain look and a smoked plastic cover. Inside were 2 standard joysticks, 2 paddle controllers, 2 keyboard controllers (which I never used before), a fancy “Pointmaster” joystick, the “TV/ Computer” switch box, controller extender cable (Rock on!) and the power supply. Upon powering the unit up, I has some issues with the video, but I followed the cleaning directions I found here (they also have a downloadable service manual for the 2600 and 5200) and it works just great!

The games I got with it are: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, PITFALL!, Combat, Warlords, Breakaway IV, Target Fun, Space Invaders, KABOOM!, Concentration , and Codebreaker. They all seem to work, but I’m looking for a few games that I really enjoyed as a kid like Frogs and Flies, Adventure, Defender, and Missle Command. (If anyone happens to find old games around the house and wants to donate them to me, let me know!)

And the best part is…it was $5.99 and the money supports a good cause!

Atari 2600




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