Colts are going to the Superbowl!

22 01 2007

Congrats to the Colts on a phenomenal second-half comback last night!

Colts Fans!!

My son and I watched together and had a great time eating chips and watching 2 really great games last night. He was so excited, but wound up spending the last 10 minutes of the Colts game in his pajamas, on the couch.

The Superbowl has been a long time coming for the Colts, and there is no more deserving bunch of guys than Tony Dungy and his team. Next stop, Miami! Go Colts!


Lil’ Kickers in Indy

6 01 2007

Lil’ Kickers 

 My son, who is still 2 months away from turning 3, started soccer classes today and I was really impressed with the whole program. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about pushing kids into sports, but this is not really a sporting event. (We’re not those over-obsessed parents you always see on the news!) This class is more of a child development course than anything else – and it Rocks!

Today, we practiced balance, teamwork, listening skills and mental imagery. My son had a great time playing and exercising during a season where most kids are locked in the house. I was out there with him for the duration of the 1 hour class and we were both sweating at the end! Our coach, Gavin, is amazing with kids and I can see why this program is becoming so popular around the country. There are only 2 locations that I found in Indy for this program, one in Carmel and one on the westside. They offer a free class to check it out! After our class we signed up for a 12 week committment on the spot. We even got our son’s uniform the same day!

Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for coming and holding the videocamera~! We are so glad you could make it!

We can’t wait to see the video!

Recycling in Hendricks County

18 12 2006


I often have a hard time, especially around the holidays, finding drop off points for recycling.

I was cleaning out my garage this weekend and found probably 2 dozen old paint cans that were left by the previous owner. I offered them up on Freecycle, but if no one wants them, what do I do? HCWM has a great amount of info on their site and you can request an actual hardcopy guide by email. It lists where to take what (paint, antifreeze, batteries…) and contact info for every drop-off point. Great Job, Guys!

(EDIT: Computer recycling info here @!)

Honda to Build “Zero Waste” Plant in Indiana

29 06 2006

My Man Mitch   honda.jpg

My Man Mitch hard at work again! This is the coolest news I’ve heard lately! First we’re building the world’s largest biodiesel plant and now producing hybrid Hondas in Indiana! Honda plans to hire 2,000 workers to staff the new plant. (Maybe the new jobs will offset the loss of jobs by airline workers and Delphi workers – GM supplier of electronics) “Our goal is that this plant in Indiana will have the smallest environmental footprint of any Honda auto plant in North America.” They will probably build Civics and Fits there. I’ve wanted a Fit for awhile anyway… story (Houston)  , story (Indianapolis)  , story  ,  CBSNews story

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So I bought another Jeep…

15 05 2006

 Only in a Jeep

I bought another Jeep this week. I've owned a '78 CJ7 and a '97 Wrangler (TJ), but this is an '89 Wrangler and my first YJ. I wasn't in the market as I have been driving a '92 Grand Marquis for the last couple of years, but I just couldn't pass up the price.

My Jeep is a 6 cylinder, 5 speed with a hardtop and full steel doors and a 5" SkyJacker lift and DrawTite hitch. Included in the price were hard lower doors, 2 sets of soft uppers, 1 set of soft lowers, a bikini top and a tonneau cover (and all BesTop to boot!) It has an aftermarket A/C unit that blows ice cold and window tint all around. It's seen some fun, but aside from some faded paint and 2 dents, the body is solid.

Probably my first step in getting this thing road-worthy is cleaning (and eventually rebuilding or replacing) the carb. Is starts hard and shudders a little. The next step is finding out why it pops out of reverse. I can hold the stick in reverse and back up, but it pops out hard if you let it go. Anyone want to donate parts to my project Jeep?

Summer Wishlist , Part1

24 04 2006


1. Old 1986 VW Vangon Westfalia Camper – Water-Cooled, PopTop (w/ Stove, sink, fridge, table)

2. New MacBook Pro – CoreDuo 2.16GHz /2GB RAM/ SuperDrive/ 120GB HDD (17" MacBooks available today!)

3. $500 Pre-Paid Gas Card!

4. 7 days vacation with the family – ROAD TRIP!

Deal of the Week @ Goodwill

16 03 2006

Today I found a real prize at my local Goodwill. A working Atari 2600 with a load of extras!

First was the TELE-GAMES CENTER box that everything is stored in which has the same cool woodgrain look and a smoked plastic cover. Inside were 2 standard joysticks, 2 paddle controllers, 2 keyboard controllers (which I never used before), a fancy “Pointmaster” joystick, the “TV/ Computer” switch box, controller extender cable (Rock on!) and the power supply. Upon powering the unit up, I has some issues with the video, but I followed the cleaning directions I found here (they also have a downloadable service manual for the 2600 and 5200) and it works just great!

The games I got with it are: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, PITFALL!, Combat, Warlords, Breakaway IV, Target Fun, Space Invaders, KABOOM!, Concentration , and Codebreaker. They all seem to work, but I’m looking for a few games that I really enjoyed as a kid like Frogs and Flies, Adventure, Defender, and Missle Command. (If anyone happens to find old games around the house and wants to donate them to me, let me know!)

And the best part is…it was $5.99 and the money supports a good cause!

Atari 2600