Windows Live Writer

15 08 2006

Give it a try!


CounterStrike Crates – Sweet!

13 08 2006

Digg had a link to a guy that was making wooden crates and covering them with the same digital texture/ design as those in CounterStrike (De_Dust is a great example!)
I want some for the yard!

 There are some cool projects there! I like the FPS Glasses and The Silver Cell.

Cicadas Everywhere

13 08 2006

I’ve seen and heard more Cicadas this year than in a long time. (Originally I said Locusts, which after a bit of researching, was incorrect. They are actually Tibicin.) Their shells are everywhere, all over the tree in our yard. This morning I was out with the kids and saw several hatching out of their shells and I watched for a few before getting my camera. It’s both digusting and amazing to watch these bugs emerge, their new wings still rolled up, and fly away once they’ve managed to get free. I took a few pictures:

Locust Emerging from Shell

Tibicin with Wings Spreading Out

Click on the photos for larger images….

Visio Stencils

11 08 2006

Links to Visio Stencils I’ve found on the web…all free, but buried down in their corporate websites. These are direct links:

(EDIT: Thanks to Lutz, we now have a link to the Watchguard Stencils!)

1. Cisco Devices

2. Dell Devices

3. HP/ Compaq

4. IBM

5. Avocent

6. WatchGuard – Many thanks to Lutz for the find! Thanks!!!

7. Siemon

8. SecPoint Protector UTM Stencils

That’s it for now, but a great start!

Google has Movie Trailers

11 08 2006

IMO, not quite as pretty as the HD options on, but quick and available nonetheless.

Google Video: Trailers

Exchange 2007 Beta Available

2 08 2006

Exchange 2007 Beta – If you didn’t notice and hadn’t heard, Microsoft released the public beta for Exchange Server 2007.  Information that can be found at:  The actual Exchange Server 2007 beta 2 is available for download at:

Moving Jeep postings to Project 89 YJ site

27 07 2006

 Only in a Jeep

All new postings related to my Jeep will be @ Project 89 YJ …