Raided – Servers Seized

31 05 2006


I can't believe it lasted this long! I have been a long-time fan of PirateBay and SuprNova before that. I guess there are only a few left now. It will be interesting to see what happens to others like (oh-oh, it's down as we speak!) and Bitenova.

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UPDATE:  Rickard Falkvinge (Leader of the PiratPartiet) on what really happened.


Windows Media Player 11 coming in May! URGE coming with it?

18 04 2006


Microsoft is on track to release a Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 before the end of June, the company confirmed last week.

Microsoft says that URGE is deeply integrated with WMP11. Will it still be available before Vista?

Well, even if Vista is delayed, you don't have to wait to see WMP11! Yay! 

Story on ZDnet here.

Run your own FM radio station from your PC

17 01 2006

An alternative to running a streaming server and the ability to listen to your mp3s without being tethered to a PC. Nice!

Ever fancied running your own radio station, or perhaps just broadcasting your own music around the house (and maybe a little beyond)? PCI MAX 2005 is a software-controlled FM transmitter on a PCI card with a 15W max output (with the optional booster)

No doubt you’ll check all the legal angles before using this!

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MPAA “Report a Piracy” Site

16 01 2006

This is a page on the MPAA site that wants you to report sites that pirate movies. Okay, I’ll get right on that. Is there a reward or something?

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