Colts are going to the Superbowl!

22 01 2007

Congrats to the Colts on a phenomenal second-half comback last night!

Colts Fans!!

My son and I watched together and had a great time eating chips and watching 2 really great games last night. He was so excited, but wound up spending the last 10 minutes of the Colts game in his pajamas, on the couch.

The Superbowl has been a long time coming for the Colts, and there is no more deserving bunch of guys than Tony Dungy and his team. Next stop, Miami! Go Colts!


Reggie Wayne to stay in Indy! GO COLTS!

22 02 2006

Go Colts!

Great news, we still have Peyton, Harrison, and Wayne! Maybe next year guys! GO COLTS!!!

Reggie signed a $39M/ 6 year deal to stay here in Indy!

Another announcement here.