Lil’ Kickers in Indy

6 01 2007

Lil’ Kickers 

 My son, who is still 2 months away from turning 3, started soccer classes today and I was really impressed with the whole program. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about pushing kids into sports, but this is not really a sporting event. (We’re not those over-obsessed parents you always see on the news!) This class is more of a child development course than anything else – and it Rocks!

Today, we practiced balance, teamwork, listening skills and mental imagery. My son had a great time playing and exercising during a season where most kids are locked in the house. I was out there with him for the duration of the 1 hour class and we were both sweating at the end! Our coach, Gavin, is amazing with kids and I can see why this program is becoming so popular around the country. There are only 2 locations that I found in Indy for this program, one in Carmel and one on the westside. They offer a free class to check it out! After our class we signed up for a 12 week committment on the spot. We even got our son’s uniform the same day!

Thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for coming and holding the videocamera~! We are so glad you could make it!

We can’t wait to see the video!


Cicadas Everywhere

13 08 2006

I’ve seen and heard more Cicadas this year than in a long time. (Originally I said Locusts, which after a bit of researching, was incorrect. They are actually Tibicin.) Their shells are everywhere, all over the tree in our yard. This morning I was out with the kids and saw several hatching out of their shells and I watched for a few before getting my camera. It’s both digusting and amazing to watch these bugs emerge, their new wings still rolled up, and fly away once they’ve managed to get free. I took a few pictures:

Locust Emerging from Shell

Tibicin with Wings Spreading Out

Click on the photos for larger images….

It is so important to keep an eye on our kids…

6 07 2006

So I’m out playing with my 2 kids (ages 1 and 2) in the backyard of our house when sirens ripped up the road. We live in an old ranch-style home, on an acre, not in a subdivision. Our 2 lane county road really doesn’t see much traffic outside of construction gear, but today police and ambulances and helicopters gathered within earshot. The news chopper circle a dozen time over our house and I could see the station ID, so I pulled up their site while the kids ate dinner. Apparently a little boy in the subdivision across the street, a 5 year old, was attempting to cross the street from a neighbor’s house back to his own on an electric scooter and was ran over by a 16 year old driver. Just that fast… He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. I cleaned up the kids and we went back outside. We gathered together, the kids and I, hit our knees and prayed in the backyard for their family, for the child, for the driver of the car, for the police and medics. I thanked God for my wonderful family and that I will never have to bear that kind of pain. The news updated the story and the child died. I cannot imagine what that family is going through. My children just went to bed, and they can’t understand, but they got about 10x the hugs and kisses tonight while reading them a story. Our prayers are with the Bear family.