Congrats little brother on your Jeep!

26 10 2006

I’ve owned a 78 CJ7, an 89 YJ, and a 97 TJ and I loved them all! My brother Clint has stepped up and now is the proud owner of a shiny 95 YJ of his own!

Clint's Jeep

Congrats Bro!



Clint Crowe – *New video for A Reason*

24 06 2006


Clint Crowe has a new video up to accompany the songs on his site. Check it out and buy a CD! Get it while it's hot! It's already on rotation at radio stations worldwide!

*New Artist* – Clint Crowe – releases “Vine St.” CD

18 05 2006


Clint Crowe put out his first 10 song CD last week. He's a self-taught musician that plays guitar, djembe, writes, and sings all of his own songs.

From his website:

"I am a acoustic singer/songwriter, and music is what keeps me moving everyday. I am greatly influenced by artists such as James Taylor, Chris Isaak, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, and Colin Hay just to name a few. I believe music is a very personal venue that the world needs sometimes. To sit and remind us of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. I write in order to get that release. If you can relate, then feel free to do so."

Please have a listen. He has 4 songs available for a free listen and an option to buy the CD online!

P.S. He's my little brother! (By the way, he could use a new site and webspace so he can get away from MySpace! Maybe he could work out a trade?)