Recycling in Hendricks County

18 12 2006


I often have a hard time, especially around the holidays, finding drop off points for recycling.

I was cleaning out my garage this weekend and found probably 2 dozen old paint cans that were left by the previous owner. I offered them up on Freecycle, but if no one wants them, what do I do? HCWM has a great amount of info on their site and you can request an actual hardcopy guide by email. It lists where to take what (paint, antifreeze, batteries…) and contact info for every drop-off point. Great Job, Guys!

(EDIT: Computer recycling info here @!)




7 responses

7 09 2007
Marci Mcquern

I can’t believe there are no drop off points for recycling plastic and bottles in avon, IN. Noone wants to drive far to take their recyclable nor do they want to pay for containers to put them in that Rays trash provides. Our landfill is just gettting more cramped due to this oversight. Why isn’t anyone taking care of this problem in our town?

14 09 2007

I agree. There are plenty of sites to recycle newspaper and magazines (mostly in school parking lots), but not glass or plastic. To the best of my knowledge, Ray’s doesn’t even offer curbside recycling in our area. (I live in Avon as well.)
Have you ever been to a town meeting? Tom Klein is the Avon town manager and may have the answer you’re looking for. He can be reached @ 317-272-0948 or through his page on the site here:

Thanks for the comment. Maybe together we can make it happen!

24 11 2008
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27 01 2009
Laura Batic

I’m trying to find a place in Brownsburg, In to take empty gallon water bottles for recycling. Does anyone know of a location? I can find containers for paper, but no plastics.

16 02 2009

It is my understanding that there is a deal with the companies that provide curbside recylcing (so Ray’s in Avon, Plainfield area) that the city/county won’t put recycling containers out and cut into Ray’s profits. Who can we complain to to override this? I am not paying more money for recycling when I should be able to drop it off locally. Other cities and states I have lived in have all offered readily available drop off points. Heck, Connecticut, required you to recycle can, bottles and plastic by charging a deposit!

13 04 2009

I think we should look into having drop off places. I already have Ray’s pick up but just read that there will be a 3.7% increase in 2009 and a 2% increase in 2010. It’s not much but I’m not getting more $ and it would be great to have a free place to recycle everything. The landfill in Danville used to have a drop off location but I don’t think they do anymore!

26 05 2011
Sue wod

I agree with the above. There should be some place where we can take our plastic like our papers. May be this is something to look into for church or schools to make money. I have know idea.

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