Moving Jeep postings to Project 89 YJ site

27 07 2006

 Only in a Jeep

All new postings related to my Jeep will be @ Project 89 YJ …





3 responses

8 08 2006

Been Going Crazy, Trying To Find A Site For 89 YJ. Had mine for 11 years until carb went bad, replaced it with a Webber, ran great for few months, then the loaping started again and started getting fuel backing up into the vacuum can. Kept smelling gas but couldn’t find a leak. My 5 year old son saw the gas pouring out from the bottom of that P.O.S Vacuum Can.

Read about the Nutter Bypass but couldn’t find anything about getting rid of all those miles of vacuum lines. Any help out there? I live in the ideal place to go 4 wheeling to the beach and can’t get there! Would sure appreciate some input! Aloha

13 08 2006

I’ve been looking for a complete (photo-documented) guide to eliminating the hoses myself. I’ll let you know If I find anything or if I just decide to do it myself!

13 07 2007
Linda Bailey

I need to talk,about this rattleing noise in the moter. Hi I have a 89 sahara,straight 6 that runs good I think,but has this rattling sound while Im running down the hiway.Can you help?

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