It is so important to keep an eye on our kids…

6 07 2006

So I’m out playing with my 2 kids (ages 1 and 2) in the backyard of our house when sirens ripped up the road. We live in an old ranch-style home, on an acre, not in a subdivision. Our 2 lane county road really doesn’t see much traffic outside of construction gear, but today police and ambulances and helicopters gathered within earshot. The news chopper circle a dozen time over our house and I could see the station ID, so I pulled up their site while the kids ate dinner. Apparently a little boy in the subdivision across the street, a 5 year old, was attempting to cross the street from a neighbor’s house back to his own on an electric scooter and was ran over by a 16 year old driver. Just that fast… He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. I cleaned up the kids and we went back outside. We gathered together, the kids and I, hit our knees and prayed in the backyard for their family, for the child, for the driver of the car, for the police and medics. I thanked God for my wonderful family and that I will never have to bear that kind of pain. The news updated the story and the child died. I cannot imagine what that family is going through. My children just went to bed, and they can’t understand, but they got about 10x the hugs and kisses tonight while reading them a story. Our prayers are with the Bear family.




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