Skype Spam…anyone else getting these?

19 06 2006

Okay, so I'm as excited as everyone else about free Skype-out minutes (until the end of the year) so got my Skype stuff updated to the latest client and it's been working great. Today though I got an IM on Skype and after a few moments, the guy 'charlessoludo0072' says "I'm Prof.Charles Soludo from the Central Bank of Nigeria" to which I replied "Whatever… ;)" and them, I'm not kidding, the $10,000,000 internet scam. Amazing. Anyone else getting crap like this? 

I also got a bot inviting me to a site with 'free games'. I guess that's what I get for putting a Skype Me! link on my blog! 




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22 06 2006

Not the nigeria scams, but when I started using it, some guys kept calling me in the morning with crappy english. I didn’t stay on the line to see what he was going to say but I imangine it might be a scam caller.

Anywhoo, I realized that Skype Out is great for prank calls. 🙂


22 06 2006

Ah, Caleb, now that you found out about my secret blog, I can’t talk smack about you…

8 08 2006
Sleepy Kirby

I don’t think it’ll help even by taking it off. I’m on here because I’m doing some research on these calls. Got one at 1 am. Before accepting, I chatted with him/her. He/her replied with “Turkey” for when I asked for a name and ” I love you” immediately afterwards. Apparentally, he knows enough english to know the word “block” Because as soon as I said, “Say hi to a block” he/she stopped pestering me. If I find a way to hide my profile on skype, I’ll post it here. There’s no way they could have found me unless it was through that search function.

8 08 2006

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think that Skype has a decent product, but they need to get the spam under control somehow.
What type of research are you doing? It sounds interesting. Is it a personal interest project?

30 09 2008

Guess I’m about 2 years late for free minutes :>(…but the Skype Spam still continues. Several times a week I get strange connection requests from faceless users on the other side of the world.

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