Props to Kevin Rose

15 06 2006

I've been watching Kevin Rose for a long time (TheBroken, SYSTM) and initially I loved, but the content has been going downhill lately and I visit it less and less frequently. I do, however, love the portal idea and the ability to rate "digg" stories and apparently I'm not alone. I've come across a few sites borrowing from his model and now AOL/Netscape have released (today) what they deem the Digg-killer. Here's a few of the sites I've noticed borrowing:, Netscape's site, Care2 News Network and 3spots has a list of 219 other digg-type sites listed there!she'sa

Digg is moving from a tech-news site though to an all-news site (Digg v3). That's fine, but for news, I "digg" Newsvine. There is a loyal following for tech news and I think may see a decline in their numbers by changing their format. Maybe I'm wrong, Kevin usually knows what he's doing!




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