Carburetor cleaned, but A/C took a crap

15 06 2006

Ok, I found the time to clean the Carter 2bbl carb with the method described in my last post. It worked really well! I found that after I took out the venturi cluster and cleaned out the idle tubes and gave everything a thorough cleaning with a healthy dose of carb cleaner, that I had a nice fuel spray instead of the drip I had a couple of hours before. I also found the reason it started so hard in the morning…there was a slit in one of the vacuum lines at the carb that operated the choke. I replaced it with new hose and it started on the first try this morning. Sweet!

Nevermind, I left work and the Jeep shuddered and backfired so hard, it blew the ass-end out of my muffler. Can't wait to do the Motorcraft 2100 upgrade! The Carter 2bbl on the 4.2L 258 is computer controlled and very problematic. I could do the "Nutter Bypass" but I'm planning to swap it out and eliminate tons of vacuum lines and hopefully fix issues there. I'm also planning on an ignition upgrade that my buddy Matt is helping me with. I'll have photos when we get it done and hopefully a step by step on the upgrade. It's already been documented here, but without the photos. He's a fabricator and is designing a custom mounting system for the coil! He has some cool fabbed Jeep parts for sale here.




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