Carb issues on my 89 Wrangler YJ

1 06 2006

 Only in a Jeep

My jeep has the inline 6 cylinder engine which seems to have enough power, but I've had at least 3 times where it has died while coming to a stop and it is really hard to start at times. When it finally starts, you can smell the raw fuel dumping into the carb and I know my gas mileage is suffering. I found an article describing the exact issue I'm having and a how-to on fixing the problem without rebuilding the carb! I don't have the time this weekend to attempt it, but hopefully next friday I can give it a shot! I'm excited!

I really want to get it out onto some trails and try it out. My last Jeep was a 97 TJ with coil spring suspension and this one has leaf springs. It rides noticably bumpier on-road, but I heard they perform just as well off-road. I've been making a list of local trail rides to check out. [Haspin Acres, Rockport Off-Road Park, Badlands OffRoad, and Redbird State Riding Area.]




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20 02 2007
jim mcconnach

i just bought a 90 yj sahara and love it but i also have a stumble issue and stalling issue i’m thinking of junking the original carb and going for a rebuilt one?
any ideas about this?

31 12 2007

I have a 89 yj, 4.2 and it runs horrible. I just bought a motorcraft 2150 and am planning on the rebuild to get her back in shape…I’ll let u know.

27 01 2008
saint clic

HELP! I did a ‘google’ on 89 YJ’s with carb problems…. hoping to find a ‘god’ like person who could answer my prayer on my gas guzzzler, that i do luv. I have too get my bi-annual SMOG test only here in los angeles, an my rebuilt carb has been checked only an says it will pass. Good, but here is my problem, I only average 10.5 – 14.7 mpg!!!!!! Why so damn low??? I don’t rabbit start/stop. I am in 5th overdrive an 1,000rpm at 35mph…. I have a raw egg under my gas peddle so too speak, so why so bad?
Tires at 32psi, an syn oil 100%, an for the winter the soft top all closed up….
Any links too an ‘god’ like carb person would bee much appreciated!!!!
Thanks for reading!

20 03 2008
Michael Ferrell

Hate to tell you buddy, its all downhill.. I run a ’89 YJ Sahara and it is my favorite car yet but there is a continuing list of problems with it…
If you keep your carb spotless you seem to be able to get around 15 mpg.. right now I am fighting to get my 4wd running. ’89’s have a different vaccuum seal on the front diff than the others which doesn’t work and leads to heartaches.. i hope you have better luck than me where this goes.

25 02 2010
shane brinkley

For all the people trying to squeeze what gas they can out of there jeep. I would go with the electric fan for starters and bypass the origianal.

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