So I got my URGE email yesterday with the download link!

19 05 2006


I got my email link to download and install the new version of Media Player with URGE integrated! (Media Player Version 11.0.5358.4827)

I signed up and have begun testing and really like the new interface. The album view for the library is nice as it displays all of the album art for your folders and the search feature is really fast!

Some things I like most:

1.There's a search bar located at the upper right hand corner and you can search for any artist, song title, album and it narrows the search as you type until you reach your destination (Vista-style indexing)

2. MP3 player (device) setup was easy and my MuVo N200 was correctly recognized right away and the sync list popped up on the right column. The options are to "Drag items here to sync, or Click Here to shuffle music to my device". Shuffle just grabs misc. titles and really creates a decent mix with no effort, with just enough files to fill your player.

3.When signing up for the 14 day trial, there's actually an option to skip billing info so you can enjoy 2 free weeks without automatically being billed at the end of the trial period. After signup, the 'buy for .99' tab turns to 'download' and then to 'added to library' after it's downloaded. Very slick. The properties tab on the tune also displays the terms of the download- (ex. this song cannot be burned to CD, this song can be synced to device 2 more time, this song can be played until 6-6-2006.) DRM works… oh yay!

4. There are some really cool radio stations and they are, in fact, CD quality. Some of the ones I listened to were 'Rebel Girls', 'ANTI', 'Hair Band' and 'MTV2 Headbanger's Ball'. None of the stations buffered, even for a second. Very nice.

If I DO end up paying for a service, I think this will be the one. Very good job Microsoft! Nice…we've been waiting for an iTunes competitor.




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