So I bought another Jeep…

15 05 2006

 Only in a Jeep

I bought another Jeep this week. I've owned a '78 CJ7 and a '97 Wrangler (TJ), but this is an '89 Wrangler and my first YJ. I wasn't in the market as I have been driving a '92 Grand Marquis for the last couple of years, but I just couldn't pass up the price.

My Jeep is a 6 cylinder, 5 speed with a hardtop and full steel doors and a 5" SkyJacker lift and DrawTite hitch. Included in the price were hard lower doors, 2 sets of soft uppers, 1 set of soft lowers, a bikini top and a tonneau cover (and all BesTop to boot!) It has an aftermarket A/C unit that blows ice cold and window tint all around. It's seen some fun, but aside from some faded paint and 2 dents, the body is solid.

Probably my first step in getting this thing road-worthy is cleaning (and eventually rebuilding or replacing) the carb. Is starts hard and shudders a little. The next step is finding out why it pops out of reverse. I can hold the stick in reverse and back up, but it pops out hard if you let it go. Anyone want to donate parts to my project Jeep?




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