13 04 2006

treehugger.jpg has a 'DIGG-like' site up now. I subscribe to the Treehugger RSS feed and enjoy reading the 'green/ environmentally friendly' articles there.

They have (not-officially) released the website. Similar to, the top stories are "hugged" and moved to the front page based on popularity. It's really neat to see this technology applied to news sites like this! (And IMO has a nicer layout! +Hugg!

*EDIT: Also ckeck out Care2 News Network ("It has the digg thing going on, target at not only green, but all progressive causes (human rights, politics, etc). Alas, they lack the 'add to blog' as well.) – Thanks Chris !

(Now if they could only integrate 'add to blog' like Digg, that would ROCK!)


Clerks 2 Unrated Trailer Being Removed from YouTube Soon

12 04 2006


Here it is…watch it before it's gone! 

"We're hearing that the Weinstein Co. folks are going to take our trailer down off YouTube because it's unrated, so I'm trying to get the hit count and comment count even higher before it goes away." – Kevin Smith (Silent Bob himself),

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Digg Google IG Module Now Live – FINALLY!

12 04 2006


We are happy to announce our first Google IG module. The module will display stories that have been promoted to the homepage, along with stories your friends have dugg. Enjoy!

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250+ working proxies for safe access from work/school

12 04 2006

"Why Should You Use Anonymous Proxy Servers?
Any web resource you access can gather personal information about you through your unique IP address – your ID in the Internet. They can monitor your reading interests, spy upon you and, according to some policies of the Internet resources, deny accessing any information you might need.
You might become a target for many marketers and advertising agencies who, having information about your interests and knowing your IP address as well as your e-mail, will be able to send you regularly their spam and junk e-mails.

A web site can automatically exploit security holes in your system using not-very-complex, ready-made, free hacking programs. Some of such programs may just hang your machine, making you reboot it, but other, more powerful ones, can get access to the content of your hard drive or RAM. Everything a web site may need for that is only your IP address and some information about your operating system.

Using an anonymous proxy server you don't give anybody any chance to find out your IP address and any information about you and use them in their own interests." –

List here:

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4 Door Wrangler Unveiled!

12 04 2006

4 Door Wrangler

From Car and Driver – " Based on the redesigned 2007 Wrangler that was revealed at the Detroit auto show, the Unlimited adds two extra doors by stretching the wheelbase 20.6 inches. The extra length has also added some much-needed interior space. Dropping the top of the Wrangler Unlimited isn't as easy as pushing a button, but Jeep's new top — the "Freedom Top" — is a three-piece affair that offers several different configurations, from sunroof to full convertible."

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Dual boot OS X and Windows with Appleā€™s Bootcamp

6 04 2006


More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS X, Leopard, that lets you install and run the Windows XP operating system on your Mac. Called Boot Camp (for now), you can download a public beta today.

MS Virtual Server is now free

4 04 2006

–from DIGG

Q: So does this mean Virtual PC is dead?
A: Nope. VPC is still under development.
Q: You guys are just doing this in response to VMware / Xen / etc… – right?
A: Not really. Virtualization is standard in the next wave of MS servers, so there’s no point charging for it.

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