Windows Media Player 11 coming in May! URGE coming with it?

18 04 2006


Microsoft is on track to release a Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 before the end of June, the company confirmed last week.

Microsoft says that URGE is deeply integrated with WMP11. Will it still be available before Vista?

Well, even if Vista is delayed, you don't have to wait to see WMP11! Yay! 

Story on ZDnet here.




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9 05 2006
Vinay Lohar

The windows media player 10 has a decent interface. However it does not contain most of the codecs required to view formats like wmv or avi. I wonder what makes microsoft leave loop holes in whatever they do. I think microsoft should rethink about integrating Audio and Video formats. This increases the time required to play any of the supported files.

Windows Media Player is far better than other freeware programs such as RealPlayer, MPlayer, Nullsoft’s Winamp, and Apple Computer’s QuickTime and iTunes. However some players like RADLIGHT and FreeMediaPlayer are much more impressive.

Lets hope that Windows Media Player 11 also called ‘ Polaris’ has all the required codecs to support WMV, ASF and AVI formats.

16 05 2006

I totally agree, Vinay. I use XP primarily, but I also have an iMac and I’m pretty impressed with some of the software that is released for it. Media Player has to get better.
For files that I can’t play with anything else, I use VLCPlayer. There’s a list of all supported codecs for VLC Player here:
It’s free and lightweight and has always worked for me!
Take care.

12 06 2007


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