IWUG Loadfest – Vista!

18 04 2006


If you're in the Indianapolis area and are interested in Microsoft Vista (or any other MS products), check out the IWUG site for an opportunity to get together for a first ever Loadfest!

This particular event is BYOC, but there is a great Windows Server 2003 R2 Technical Drilldown session scheduled for May 11, 2006! Hope to see you there! 

From the IWUG site – "You read correctly, folks. We're announcing (though on short notice!) the first-ever IWUG "Loadfest". What's a "Loadfest"? Well, a "Loadfest" is essentially an opportunity for several of you geeks to get together, bring your machines and get some hands-on experience loading a product on your own machine.

It was a no-brainer choosing the product for our first "Loadfest" – Windows Vista. Join us on April 27th, 2006 at Parkwood Four, 500 E. 96th St. for a few hours of fun, geek camaraderie and pizza/drinks. Detailed information is included below – we are limited to the capacity of this event, so please register by sending an e-mail to info@iwug.net with the subject "VISTA LOADFEST". We'll confirm your participation and hold a spot for you on the 27th."




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