Getting Windows Mobile 5 devices to sync with Exchange 2003 – Axim x51v, PPC-6700 both work now!

2 03 2006

I have been dealing with a serious issue the last couple of weeks regarding new mobile devices and Exchange 2003. I’ve had my Axim x50v for about a year and all of the Mobile2003 devices that I’ve setup to sync have worked flawlessly. Then our Executive Assistant started purchasing PPC-6700 phones from Sprint for the exec staff. What a nightmare! First I tried to sync with OWA, which has a self-assigned SSL certificate with no luck. I tried then to sync to OMA with several errors.

Finally I found a blog article that detailed the solution to the exact problem that I was having. Suddenly the 2 devices I was working on (PPC-6700 and an Axim x51v) began working as did a co-workers device that I had a 2 month old trouble ticket on! Thank you Michael J. Murphy! You helped to make me the hero of the week! đŸ™‚

PPC-6700Axim x51v




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5 03 2006
Michael J. Murphy

Glad to be of assistance, Mr. Crowe.

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