OK, I just don’t get it…hate crimes

2 02 2006

OK, I turned on the TV today and read/ heard the following 2 stories:

1. A story about an 18 yr. old kid that went nuts in a Boston area gay bar and, after finishing his drink (WTF? He’s 18!) he hacked and wounded at least 3 people with a freakin’ hatchet.

2. A story about a former postal employee that started the day by killing her neighbor and then 6 minority USPS employees before committing suicide. “…all of the dead were minorities: Three were black, one was Chinese-American, one was Hispanic and one was Filipino. “

Don’t we have enough to worry about in this world without some wacko knocking off people due to their gender, sexual orientation, or race?

(BTW…I’m a 31 yr. caucasian male married to a beautifully sexy Mexican woman!)

The scariest part is that these things usally happen in threes… 😦




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