Lighting your house with the sun

24 01 2006

My wife and I live in a 50 year old, brick, ranch style home in the midwest. We have been looking at either retrofitting our house with newer technologies or building a new one with several “green” upgrades in mind. We would like to limit the amount of gas and electrical energy that we use, but solar, wind, and water power are not currently an option for us. The cost of implementation exceeds the payoff (there is not enough sun year-round to support our energy needs/ we have a lot of tree cover).

Himawari makes a nice solar collector that collects sunlight and transfers it through the house via fiber optic cable and does a nice job at it! Studies have shown that natural lights provide many health advantages (and since we typically have 3 months of rain and 3 months of snow, we spend a lot of time indoors). This is definately on the list of upgrades, maybe even replacing the skylights/ solar “bubble” lights that we had planned to use.




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