MPAA “Report a Piracy” Site

16 01 2006

This is a page on the MPAA site that wants you to report sites that pirate movies. Okay, I’ll get right on that. Is there a reward or something?

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17 01 2006

Am I crazy? As much as I want to hate the MPAA for using code and not posting a required link, I’m now thinking that, in our anger towards the MPAA, everyone has glossed over the actual words we are raving about:

/*************************** **************************** ****/
/** this script is free for any use, but please include **/
/** a link to in any redistribution **/
/** Author : Stephen Griffin, **/
/*************************** **************************** ***/

The script’s author only asks for a link when the code is REDISTRIBUTED, whereas it seems the MPAA is simply USING the code, which doesn’t require a reference link. Am I crazy, or is everyone (this is all over the internet) too filled with MPAA hate to actually read this sentence? Straigten me out if I’m not right, because I love VALID reasons to bash the MPAA!

17 01 2006

Wow, I think you’re right! I never even looked at the source until you mentioned it. I never saw a reference link…at least not on the webpage.

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