SlimDevices SlimServer ROCKS!

10 01 2006

I like to listen to music while I work, but my music collection is at home. In the past, if I wanted to listen to my mp3s at work, I would burn them to a CDR or fill up my mp3 player (Flash based 256mb, so only a few albums at most). I have played with Windows Media Services, but don’t like to listen to a stream that I can’t control on the fly.

SlimDevices is a manufacturer of streaming audio devices and they have a free streaming server application to run those devices. The cool thing is that the server also comes with a device emulator for PCs called SoftSqueeze. It’s a JAVA based player and runs in a browser. It lets you browse by album, artist, genre, year, etc. or select a random mix, internet radio, iTunes…all the options that the device supports. I setup the server at home, opened 2 ports (3483 & 9000) on my router/ firewall, and can access my music remotely using my DynDNS address. (ex. http://IP ADDRESS:9000/html/softsqueeze/applet.html). I have complete control of my music from anywhere and it’s all free. You can setup basic password security and let your friends connect, the number depends on you upstream bandwidth. ROCK ON! I can leave my work laptop clean now!

SoftSqueeze Interface




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