iMacs with Intels available now!

10 01 2006

 iMacs now come with Intel Core Duo processors! I have wanted an iMac for a long time now and am glad that I waited!
Jobs announced at MACWorld 2006 that the iMacs will maintain their same design, size options, features and prices.
A few quotes for the Engadget site as recorded from the Jobs’ keynote speech @ MacWorld:
1. “We are building in … the new Intel Core Duo. Each of these processors is faster than the G5, and there’s two of ’em.”
2. “Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2 is running entirely natively – not just the operating system but all the applications.”
3. Speaking of the new MacBook “It’s a new name because we’re kinda done with power, and we want the name the Mac name in our products.” The same dual-processor as the iMac in every model.  This is hard to believe: 4-5x faster than the PowerBook G5. These things are screamers.”
If anyone wants to help a guy buy a new Mac…and no, I don’t want to buy yours from last year! 🙂
RoudyBob, I may be calling on you for support!







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12 02 2006

I’ve come to the following conclusion – if you’re not “stuck” on a portable, the 20″ iMac is honestly a good deal for ~$1600. Maybe we can split the cost and have joint custody. 🙂

13 02 2006

Bob, I work for a non-profit here in Indy and we operate 2 charter schools. Last week, a sales rep from Apple came and asked us why we equipped our schools with PCs (Dell Optiplex GX620’s with 17″ flat panels). Corporately, we are an all Dell company and are able to lease at a good price, but the Apple guys insisted that they could provide a more aggressive discount for educational facilities.
Long story short, The regional sales manager is sending us 2 CoreDuo iMacs to test with. The CIO is giving me one to test network/ AD integration/ Exchange. I’ve never owned a mac, but have spent a few lunch hours in our graphics lab just getting the feel for them and I am impressed. (and they only run 10.3!) I’ve only played with Tiger at Fry’s. Have you experienced joining a mac to a 2003 domain? Any headaches?

BTW…The 20″ iMac is amazingly cool, and with the Intel procs, I’d have to dual boot with XP so I can play CounterStrike Source on that flat panel! I don’t think I could give it up long enough to share, sorry.

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